02. Export a View to Excel

How to export a view to excel with POI4XPAGES
1. Download POI4Xpages
2. Install the Extension on your Server and Designer Client
3. Configure the Excel export

After you created an Excel Template, added it as dataSource and configured the export properties we now going to export a view.

Our export view looks like this. Keep the column titles in mind, as we are going to use them for the column definition for our export:

To export a view a exportDefinition has to be added:

We can choose between data2rowexport and data2columnexport which represents the export direction.
· startRow: 0 based. Defines the row where the export should start
· stepSize: 1 or higher. It’s possible to export a dataset to 1, 2 or more rows. (see columns for how to assign an other row)
Assign the dataSource:

· database: define the database which has to be used, empty means the current database
· key: works like getAllDocumentsByKey
· maxRow: the maximum (currently 1’500 entries) of entries to export
· search: a fulltext search query
· viewName: the name of the view to export
Assign the columns:

Each column needs a columnDefinition.
· columnNumber: the number of the column (0 based)
· columnTitle: the title of the column from the view defined as dataSource
· rowShift: this defines how many rows down the value should be shifted (multiple row export per dataset)

The export works with the same button we created for the Configuration export.