Invitation of external users

You can invite external people to your myWebGate network. Invited users can browse the directory, maintain their profile and participate in the activity stream. Invited users can also access other applications if access was granted.

myWebGate has to be be configured as a source for login credentials in Directory Assistance to allow invited users to log in. (see 05. Directory Assistance).

Only users with the role "CanInvite" are allowed to invite external people.

To send out an invitation, select "invite external person" from the dropdown menu by clicking on your username in the top right corner.

You will be taken to the friend requests page, where you should see the "Invitations" section:

Click the "invite a friend.." button to launch the invitation dialog:

Note: Please make sure the name of the invited person has proper spelling! Avoid using special characters and umlauts.