01. Installation documentation


For myWebGate 2.x
IBM Notes Domino Server Version 9.0 or IBM XWorks Server Version 9.0
No Extension Library installation required. The ExtLib supplied with Version 9 will work.

For myWebGate 1.x
IBM Notes Domino Server version 8.5.3 or IBM XWorks Server version 8.5.3 with XPages Extension Library

Tested against IBM Lotus Domino version 8.5.3 with Extension Library and

Recommended browser: Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
Internet Explorer will work, but some features are not supported (eg. Photo uploader)

Setup myWebGate

Overview of installation steps


For the initial configuration of myWebGate, make sure that all administration roles are assigned to the person that does the initial configuration:
Since version 1.2 also include [CanCreateGroups] needed to create group pages.

Launch myWebGate in the browser and navigate to the Community Admin Page.

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