Group pages

A group page has its own activity stream, a member list and an administrator list. Entries posted to the activity stream of a group page will show up in each members personal activity stream. A group page and its wall entries can be public, closed or secret (hidden).

To create a new group page, you need the ACL role "CanCreateGroups". This will reveal the "Create new Group" action on the group overview page.
The group overview page will list all public groups and groups where you are member of.

Group-Admins can add new members to closed or secret groups. Public groups can be joined by everyone.

The group overview page:

When a user requests to join a closed group, a membership request will be sent to the group administrators. They can approve or reject the users request in the "Membership Requests" box on the left hand side in the navigation panel of the group page:

Group administrators can also change the group theme image and photo.