myWebGate Version 1.0 feature list

03.06.2012 - myWebGate OpenNTF Edition 1.0 is a starter version, which contains a framework and basic features for community life. In the next months we will continuously enrich the software by many features already usable in the pre-OpenNTF version.

After successful installation and configuration (see Installation documentation) your are ready for a walk through the system. Here is a feature list of Version 1.0, ordered by the 4 basic areas of myWebGate:


Provides the central people and organization data. Allows selective import and export to other directories.

Features in myWebGate V 1.0:
  • Search and navigate overall, read user profiles.
  • Synchronize users from external directories (Domino Directory or any other pubnames based template). Manually (with ACL-Role [Administrators]) or by scheduled agent (See directory synchronisation).
  • Community administrators (with ACL-Role [Administrator]) can define level synchronisation rules and edit authorizations on the field. (See directory synchronisation).

My profile and friends

Allows people to maintain their personal data (photo, skills, interests etc.) and to manage their friends.

Features in myWebGate V 1.0:
  • Edit my profile
  • Request friendship from people in the directory
  • Accept or decline friendship requests
  • invite external people (with ACL-Role [CanInvite])

News & activity stream

Contains micro blog and information pushed from other areas of myWebGate.

Features in myWebGate V 1.0:
  • Post status to public
  • Post URL with micropublisher
  • Like or comment on posts

App directory

Catalogue of applications. Users are invited to share or can subscribe themselves. Applications deliver information into the activity stream. The catalogue is principally open for new applications to be plugged in, interfaces are provided by the myWebGate framework.

Features in myWebGate V 1.0:
  • Users with the role [AppAdmin] can enter applications and assign them to users.
  • The users get their application menu in a dropdown list