03. Directory synchronisation

Every user must have a profile in myWebGate!

Before you can start using myWebGate, you must configure at least one source for profiles (person documents) and import user profiles. The source for profile documents is usually your Domino Directory (names.nsf) but you can use any other directory based on the "pubnames.ntf" (PublicAddressBook) template.

Important: Only users where "Allow foreign directory synchronization" is enabled, will be imported to the myWebGate directory. This will allow you to filter out any non real users in your domino directory (or any other source) from the import.

To configure a directory source go to:

Community Admin Page -> Directory Synchronisation

Click 'Add new directory' in the 'Directory Sources' tab:

Configure the domino directory (or any other directory) as source for profile documents:

Note: Leave the server field blank to use the specified database on the current server.

Before you start the first synchronisation, switch to the 'Field Definition' tab and click 'Initialize field definition'. Reload the browser page for the view to refresh, if you don't see any changes.

You have to initialize the field definition before you can start the directory synchronisation or use profile features!

Optional: Configure in which direction fields will be transfered on every run of the synchronisation agent.

Users will have the ability to update their data in the myWebGate directory. You can also configure which fields are editable for internal or external users, and whether the changes will be pushed back to the source directory or not. The following options are given:
  • Import: External directory is always the source for field values.
  • Export: myWebGate will push field values to external directories when users update their profile.
  • Export (+initial import) If there is a value in the external source, import values once, but maintain value in myWebGate. This is useful if you already have fields with value in the domino directory to import, but want to maintain those field in myWebGate in the future.

Now you are ready to start directory synchronisation to import the user data. Switch to the 'Directory Sources' tab and click' 'Synchronize Directories' .

If you have enabled logging , you will see the result in the log page:

Important: At this point you should close and restart your browser to force a cache refresh of the java user objects!

PS: The synchronisation can be automated by enabling the scheduled agent "DirectorySync" in the database. Please don't forget to sign the database after enabling the the scheduled agent.

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