06. Configure custom login form (optional)

The myWebGate Database. provides a custom login form. To activate the custom login form, your server must be set to session based authentication. Please consult the "IBM Lotus Domino Administration Help" to enable session authentication.

The myWebGate login form can be activated through the Domino Web Server Configuration database domcfg.nsf.

If this system database does not yet exist on your server, create domcfg.nsf in the domino data root directory by using the template "Domino Web Server Configuration":

Open the domcfg.nsf database and create a new "Sign In Form Mapping":

Enter the path to the myWebGate database, and enter the name "CustomLoginForm" as the Target Form.
Update: If are using myWebgate Version 2 or newer, you can switch to the OneUI-V3 login form by using "CustomLoginForm-OneUIv3".

You can also limit this form to a virtual server.

The new login form should now appear when you open the myWebGate database. (HTTP task restart might be required).