Post status, Links Photos and Videos

You can post status messages using the micropublisher that will show up in the activity stream.

To post something in your activity stream, launch the micropublisher by clicking into the "share something" field:

Attach URL
You can also attach a link to the status message, by pasting the link into the status input field, or by typing the URL starting with http:// into the status input field followed by a space. This will trigger the micropublisher link parser to retrieve more information about the URL link. If the parser was successfull, it will show the page title, short description and a selection of available thumbnail images for the link. You can scroll through the thumbnails by using the arrow buttons to select a thumbnail to display, if any.

Once the link has been recognized by the parser, you can replace the URL in the status field with a status text of your choice.

Attach Photos

By clicking the attach photo link in the micropublisher, the photo uploader will open.

If you are using a recent HTML5 browser like firefox or google chrome, you can attach photos by simply dragging and dropping photos into the specified area of the uploader. The uploader can handle more than one photo at once! Do not forget to fill in a description in the status field that matches your photos. The default album name for photos uploaded using the micropublisher on the wall is called "Wall Photos".

Photos will appear as thumbnails in the activity stream:

Clicking the thumbnail will load and display the full image.

Post a YouTube Video

To post a youtube video, open the micropublisher and paste a youtube video http link into the status field:

myWebGate will try to fetch information about the video, and should display a thumbnail image, title and description of the video.
You can now replace the pasted URL with your own comment, the URL is no longer required in the status field:

Click "Post" and your video will appear in the news stream:

You can watch the video by clicking the play button in the thumbnail image. The youtube player will appear in the newsstream.