myWebGate Version 1.2 Release Notes

Please always clear your browser cache after upgrading your environment to the latest version of myWebGate.

Tested against IBM Lotus Domino version 8.5.3 with Extension Library
The Extension Library included in the official UpgradePack 1 is not supported, because it does not contain CustomRESTServices used by this application. Please use a newer ExtLib Version from

Warning: Do not attempt to open the database in a designer client without Extension Library or with older versions of the Extension Library (e.g. Upgrade Pack 1)

Change List for Version 1.2

- Profile Photo: Profile photo uploader now supports webcam as input using WebRTC API (no plugins/ no flash). Currently only supported by Chrome 21++. Other browsers will follow as soon as they support the new API.

- Profile Photo: Community administrators can now upload photos in the profile of other users.

- User Profile: Link to the users wall has been added. You can also post on the wall of other users.

- Groups: You can now create group pages. A group and its wall entries can be public, closed or secret (hidden). Group-Admins can add new members to closed or secret groups. Public groups can be joined by everyone.

- Community Admin Page: A new section "Directory Synchronisation > Custom fields" has been added to allow custom fields in user profiles.