myWebGate Version 1.2.1 Release Notes

Please always clear your browser cache after upgrading your environment to the latest version of myWebGate.

Tested against IBM Lotus Domino version 8.5.3 with Extension Library
The Extension Library included in the official UpgradePack 1 is not supported, because it does not contain CustomRESTServices used by this application. Please use a newer ExtLib Version from

Warning: Do not attempt to open the database in a designer client without Extension Library or with older versions of the Extension Library (e.g. Upgrade Pack 1)

Change List for Version 1.2.1

- Fixed a css styling issue in the micropublisher, where the upload button did not display properly.
- Fixed various java issues in the newsstream renderer.
- Added basic support for Internet Explorer (tested with IE 8. Do NOT use compatibility mode). Profiles in read and edit mode and also the news stream will now render properly in Internet Explorer. The micropublisher in the news stream will allow you to post status messages.
Please note that we do not recommend using Internet Explorer. Some features are still not supported by this browser due to missing functionality. Uploading photos is not supported. There are still some known issues when using Internet Explorer.