Widget Specification

The widget URL specified in the URL field of the widget configuration dialog should point to a web resource that returns the widget contents in HTML format.

Important: The URL must be located in the same domain as your myWebGate instance. For security reasons, you can not load pages outside your own domain.

When you define GET as the request method, the specified URL will be loaded without any parameters. Used for static content.

When you define POST as the request method, the following parameters will be posted to the specified URL in JSON format:

viewerID: The Social-ID of the person viewing the web page. (currently logged in user)
targetID: The Social-ID of the event that requests the widget. In the person directory, this would be the Social-ID of the person profile being viewed.

The widget must return contents in HTML format.

You can find a sample agent in the myWebGate database: (widget-sample)