myWebGate Version 2.2 Release Notes

Please always clear your browser cache after upgrading your environment to the latest version of myWebGate.

Change List for Version 2.2

New features:

- Community Admin Page > Directory Synchronisation: You can now configure the name of the view in an external source directory, used to synchronize person documents. This will allow you to customize the selection criteria when importing users from external directories (names.nsf).
- Community Admin Page > General Settings: Added configuration for SMTP sender address for emails generated by the system.
- Community Admin Page > Applications: Removed unused options from applications configuration (Apps dropdown menu).
- Community Admin Page > Applications: Application Dropdown now supports "visible only for" restriction, to show application links for selected people only.
- Community Admin Page > General Settings: Refresh interval of notification check can now be configured in the general settings page.
- Newsstream: If you are viewing your newsstream (home.xsp) the periodic background notification check will now also indicate when there are new posts waiting to be displayed in the newsstream. (no automatic refresh of the newsstream, to prevent losing focus of current user interaction)
- Newsstream: You can now upload files into the newsstream.
- Login Form: Added link to new password reset page, where users can reset forgotten passwords.
- Newsstream: New QuickLinks section in the right hand side of the news stream page for frequently used URL Links. Users can add their own links, and Community-Admins can also add entries from the new QuickLinks administration page for all users.
- Newsstream: Widgets functionality added to newsstream page.


- Added a JavaScript fix for broken utility-links dropdown menu, where the click event on a text label of the OneUI-V302 ApplicationLayout is still broken in current ExtLib release in mozilla browsers. Make sure your server is on the latest FP with most recent ExtLib from OpenNTF.
- Fixed missing slash in header logo path of custom login form templates for DCLF.
- Default user photo has been replaced with a "gender neutral" picture, if there is no gender specified and no custom profile photo defined.
- Fixed JavaScript error when EventCalendar widget has received an empty response from domino calendar JSON API if there are no events to display for the specified time range.