About myWebGate

Social software has landed in the business world and influences the information and communication culture in our everyday work.

myWebGate is a platform for closed ecosystems where you are online with your colleagues of the own organization and external people that were invited into myWebGate. Out of this community you choose the people as friends with those you want to stay in contact. myWebGate is not another public social network like Xing, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter though it is influenced by the facebook principle. myWebGate is your own social network, with your data, your rules and under your control.

myWebGate Components:

  • Directory: Provides the central people and organization data. Allows selective import and export to other directories.
  • User profile: Allows people to maintain their personal data (photo, skills, interests etc.).
  • Activity stream: Contains micro blog and information pushed from other areas of myWebGate.
  • Groups: People can create public, private or secret groups. Entries posted on a group page will also show in the activity stream of each group member.
  • App directory: Catalogue of applications. Users have their personalized application menu. Applications deliver information into the activity stream. The catalogue is principally open for new applications to be plugged in, interfaces are provided by the myWebGate framework.